What is Credit installment?

When it comes to loan installments, its amount is made up of many different factors. A loan is not only the opportunity to buy what we need when we do not have our own cash for it but also to give the bank money together with a certain percentage. However, this is not the only fee that determines how much customers will have to pay for a given loan every month.

In addition to interest on loans, there are many other fees that are often included by banks in their monthly installments. Certainly, they include, above all, the bank’s commission for granting the loan. This is a kind of remuneration for the bank for considering our application and granting us a loan.

The commission is a one-time fee


However, then the customer would have to receive much less money from the bank. That is why many banks decide to add commission costs to the total loan amount. Of course, usually the higher the loan, the higher the commission amount. However, you can find offers where the commission is zero percent.

This means that the bank gives up its remuneration as part of the promotion. This type of loan can often be found, for example, before Christmas in the offer of many banks.

Loan insurance premiums are often added to the loan installments. Often, if someone decides to conclude an insurance contract, they can count on, for example, a lower interest rate on the loan.

In addition, in the event of problems or situations such as the death of the borrower, the insurance company repays the liability, so that no debt is created.

So it’s worth thinking about choosing this type of insurance

So it

In addition, other payments may be included in the loan installments if they are necessary for a particular loan.

For example, as for mortgage loans, it is necessary to make the so-called property appraisal report, and then the bank often takes over the need to make this fee, then throwing it into the costs associated with the loan.

Of course, every customer has the right to know before the conclusion of the contract what fees are included in the loan and what will be their amount. In addition, it is also worth checking how the capital to interest ratio is distributed in each installment, often the customer repays the interest first and then the capital.

However, if someone decides on variable installments, then they can count on paying back the capital from the beginning. This is good above all for those who predict that they may want to repay their loan obligations sooner because then they can count on recalculated interest and their lower amount.

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